Andrea Sisson

The first two weeks.
Alternative Worksite in Roanoke, VA

My first two weeks in Roanoke have been about materials, materials, materials, and ideas, ideas, ideas. Its been about getting the studio set up, full of inspiration, and ready to start new work. I’ve been filming around Roanoke, experimenting with new materials and objects, and getting a rush of new ideas.

A big part of these first weeks has also been about exploring and getting to know Roanoke. I spent a few days on the Greenway bike path. One day I rode all the way to a coffeeshop in Grandin, and other days to downtown Roanoke for coffee and research at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea. 

Meeting people in the town has been one of the most surprisingly rewarding things so far. It’s an understatement to say I’m charmed by the kind, and extremely friendly and people people in this town! All of us in the house have talked about how inspired we are by the people here. It’s really something I look forward to more while I’m here. 

Something I made the last week were items for the Swap Meet at High Desert Test Site 2017 (the Swap Meet curated by Lydia Glenn-Murray, and HDTS curated by Aram Moshayedi and Sohrab Mohebbi). They are little T-shirt musing from an installation of mine and and hanging tapestries. 

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