Dakota Higgins

I’ve made about 50 collages over the past month and a half. I tend to work and make decisions quickly. If it doesn’t happen quickly, it doesn’t happen—I second guess myself or lose interest. Working for me is best when it feels quick and improvisational. (I’ve played the guitar for 12 or so years [way longer than I’ve been making “art” for], but these days when I sit down to play, I just noodle around for an hour or so since I don’t know anything about scales or music theory, and playing “songs” I know gets old fast. I think my working method mirrors this practice.) Some collages that I think are finished I hang on my wall, and after a few days I realize that they’re not finished—the thing actually needs some scribbles here, some scraps there, the change in my pocket, a potato chip… But I have to keep things moving, and I don’t like repeating myself. If I don’t/can’t finish a collage in one sitting, it becomes substantially more difficult for me to finish at all, though one sitting can last hours and hours. (The same rule applies, for me, when it comes to reading.) If I try to do the same thing twice in the collages, I end up comparing the second one to the first, and I can’t make decisions. The decisions have to feel live and fresh, even though (I think), the collages are all pretty similar/have a similar attitude or approach. I guess what I mean is that if I decide to scribble on one collage, deciding to scribble on future collages becomes increasingly difficult. It’s like—is this scribble as good as the last one?? I never really know. 

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