Sylvie Hayes-Wallace

I just arrived back at AW after leaving to install a piece in a group show in NY. It felt great to see a piece I created at AW exist in a new space. Funnily, the piece that looked so big in my studio here looks small in the gallery. Taking my first few days away from the residency felt good, and it feels good being back too. I feel very refreshed and ready to get back to work. I am feeling the end approaching, which somehow still feels too soon. 

The reality of getting a job and no longer being able to be in the studio as long as and whenever I want has sunk in, but I am excited to move to NY after the residency and being there made me more sure of my decision to do so. Being in NY over the weekend, I realized how much better I am feeling about myself and my work than I did when I arrived here 2 ½ months ago, I feel much more clear-headed and confident. 

As I think about preparing to leave I am feeling grateful for some of the amazing relationships I have formed while I am here – relationships with artists that wouldn’t have formed otherwise and the excitement of future interactions, conversations, and projects together. It is strange to still be here but already have a vantage point of life after the residency, the feeling of looking back at it and it being past tense. 


1. Press Release for group show at MX, opening 11/18/18 in NY

2. Window Hanging Piece, “October”, at MX

3. “Moon Sisters” in MX

4. “Moon Sisters” in my studio here at AW

5. Close-up of friendship necklaces/collars in “Moon Sisters”

6. View of Canal Street from MX

7. 1987 Louise Bourgeois diary entry from a book my friend in NY had 

8. Birthday cake the other residents made me a few weeks ago

9. View from my bed at sunrise of a window sculpture I made in my room/ studio here at AW – I am going to miss working really late into the night/early into the morning

10. Corinne, Isabelle and Bailey at “CI” here in Roanoke 

11. Sketch for a piece in a show I am making in the last few weeks here for a show opening 12/08/18 at New Works in Chicago

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