Roger Buttles

It’s hard to believe that my five weeks at Alternative Worksite has already come and gone. Although it went by very fast, I am happy with the friendships I’ve forged and the artworks I’ve made here.  It’s been a great experience and I’m thankful for having the opportunity to live and work in this serene environment. Each morning when I entered my studio, I was welcomed with a great view of a nearby mountain with a star on top, and foliage on the trees outside of my window. It’s been an ideal space for me to paint and it was quite a contrast from my Brooklyn studio view of buildings and power-lines. This change in scenery was not only pleasant to look at each day but it started to influence my work pretty quickly. Looking back, it’s not surprising to me that I mostly made paintings of nature while here.

Now it’s all about packing my studio, patching the walls, cleaning up, and getting ready for my drive back to NYC. I’m excited to return home to my wife and daughters but I have to admit at the same time I will be sad leaving here. I hope to maintain the friendships I’ve made here and to also recommend the residency to other friends of mine with the time and desire to come. Thanks Alternative Worksite, it’s been real!

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