Bailey Connolly

I’m walking and writing and eating buttered toast all at once. I’m hung over and scattered and feeling very optimistic.

In 2013, in a New York Times article on Isa Genzken titled No, It Isn’t Supposed to Be Easy, Randy Kennedy writes, in reference to the artist’s early works, “The sleekly colorful pieces, most of which lie on the floor, met with a fair amount of derision at the time by fellow artists who saw them as somehow not formally pure enough, too allusive of things in the world. They were called surfboards, toothpicks, and, in a clear jab at a woman making imposing sculpture, knitting needles.”  

I’ve been obsessing over surfboards, toothpicks and knitting needles for days. Isn’t it pure-isn’t it ironic- that Virginia is for Lovers and I haven’t had love in a month. 

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