Dylan Townley-Smith

I am in the process of immersing myself in true southern American culture. I wake up at 7 and work until 5. For breakfast I have either a bowl of oatmeal or mixed cereals with a banana and two cups of black coffee; with my coffee I will have a (1) Marlboro cigarette. For lunch I have a green smoothie consisting of: black and green kale, a banana, two tablespoons of hemp hearts, 375 ml of Silk brand almond milk (unsweetend Vanilla flavor), 250 ml of organic blueberry and açai juice, and one scoop of Vega brand protein powder (Vanilla flavor). In the evenings I will have 1-2 Budweiser’s with dinner and 1-2 Budweiser’s after dinner. Sometimes I will have a (1) Marlboro cigarette with one of my Budweiser’s after dinner.After dinner, my budweiser and my (1) Marlboro cigarette I will sometimes watch Friends reruns on Netflix. Sometimes I will work on my novel until late at night until I am tired enough to go to sleep. On mondays I go to Safeside Tactical Shooting range and do sidearm target practice; I am a deadshot at 20 ft. On the way home I will stop at McDonalds and order a Mcdouble dressed like a Mac. 

 Excerpt from my novel 

      “Just the regular McDouble, thanks,” as she handed it to me I could feel that it was warm and soft and knew that she had gotten them to microwave it so as to melt the cheese. A Mcdouble had never tasted so good. 

      “I have to confess, I had to have a bite of the McDouble dressed like a mac, i wanted to see what the fuss was about. And you’re right, I tried it while i was driving and the lettuce fell on my lap, I almost crashed.”

     “See I told you! Did you enjoy it? You might as well just eat it, it’s all right i’m not hungry,” she acknowledged and I was lying because deep down I was craving it but also knew that the reminiscence of Big Mac flavor in Jane’s mouth was teasing all ten thousand tastebuds and that she too, deep down, wanted it. Making her happy was more important than my hunger and I still had the fries. After we ate we talked shortly about mentally preparing for my game on Monday and that she assured me the scouts from LA would undoubtedly draft me. After we talked we watched a Friends episode from season one and I was tired so I fell asleep.

Jessi Baumsteiger

Alternative Worksite has proven to be, in just the first two weeks, a complete immersion in the artist’s studio practice. I have found that this particular residency provides a new kind of experience, one outside of the institution and a typical day in Los Angeles. This unique experience is that of a relaxed but stimulating momentum. There are definite challenges that come with endless studio time and all of its vagaries. Challenges such as having so many hours to spend on a painting or an idea that it is overworked. To respectfully engage with the studio practice one must also maintain an active personal discipline. With that said, it is an absolute blessing to have the time, space, and resources necessary to confront such issues. 

Alternative Worksite is not only an opportunity for creative practice but the beginning of a community of artists in Roanoke, Virginia. The other AW residents, Andrea and Dylan, have helped me to break down ideas for new works and move towards a more potent final product. Roanoke is beautiful, friendly, and invigorating, much like its residents. There seems to be a tremendous amount support and an eagerness to learn from the people I have met here thus far. I am grateful for the generosity of Linda Burnham, the Robert Overby Estate, and the Alternative Worksite team for providing such a fantastic zone for creatives. 

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