Gabriel Cohen

The last weeks been slow, the holiday had most things closed. I’ve been finishing up things, trying to find stopping points on pieces, framing a few old drawings and taking documentation. I’m pretty happy with where things are at, and everyone I’ve shared the work with so far also seems excited about it.

            A friend of mine Collin asked me about doing a two person show with him, including works I’ve made at AW. I’ve admired his work for a while, so the opportunity is really exciting. While I was in NY briefly installing the exhibition I curated for MX Gallery, I had an opportunity to sit down with him and draft the proposal. It felt good to describe what I’ve been doing in words, and I think the process of doing so has helped formulate some ideas about what it is that I think I’m doing. 

            While I was in NY I also met a woman name Almog, who also does independent curatorial work. She was excited about the show I put together for MX, and asked if I wanted to work on a project with her. The other night we had a long call and hammered out a number of details. Exciting things are brewing. 

Signing off 

Gabriel Cohen 


Sylvie Hayes-Wallace

With only two more nights at AW I am thinking about moving forward and wrapping things up here. I am sad to go and to realize that everything here is ending, but excited for the future. I am working towards a show in Chicago at the beginning of December, then going back to New York. I feel ready for both and it feels really good.

I am thankful for the amazing people I have met and all of the work I was able to produce. I feel very clear headed and in a great place to move forward- socially, mentally and with my studio practice. I have formed some of the most meaningful relationships I have here and I am excited to see how they stay with me as all of our lives sift through years, months- the gaps of not seeing each other every day. There is something about the friendships I have formed here that feels particularly meaningful, grounded, and like they are going to stay with me for a long time.

I am so happy I was able to be here. I am going to hike the star one last time tomorrow once we pack up the house. Feeling bittersweet- full of gratitude, and excited for the future.  

<3 <3 <3

Isabelle McGuire

This is the last week. Packing everything up. Its nice because I feel like I’m restarting my life. Forcing myself to get a new job, hopefully one I like better. 

One thing I learned from being here. Art world status is a joke and it is in no way a gage to how talented you are as an artist. 

Another thing I learned being here is that making art is how I want to spend my life and if I let go of the need to show or get opportunities I will be less stressed out. 

I’m going to be moving my studio into my parent’s basement. AW was the first time I’ve had a studio and I want to continue having one. But that means when people come to visit they will be walking into my whole life. I wont be able to hide how that is impacting me. I think it will change the what I am making, possibly making it more personal. For some reason I think it might become more erotic. naughty naughty.  I will not be able to hide from my history when this is my place to think. In the sub.

We leave in two days. I really allowed myself to get as obsessed with making art as possible. I absolutely taken over with obsession.  I am neglecting everything but making.

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