Isabelle McGuire

Possible press release

What’s the difference between human animal human machine toxic non toxic health unhealth organic non organic male female sick well misbehaving doing good vermin welcome? Is it the fertilizer chromosomes viruses years of gen mod intention atmosphere hormones medication smog? If its funny? If it feels good? If it’s sexy? what’s the difference between a chad and an incel? A few millimeters of jaw bone.  

My favorite youtuber ContraPoints says: 

Foppingtons law:

Once bigotry or self-loathing permeate a given community, it is only a matter of time before deep metaphysical significance is assigned to the shape of human skulls. 

And urban dictionary’s def of foppingtons law is No matter how toxic or incorrect it might be, a specific opinion will quickly adopt pseudoscientific and metaphysical evidence to try and legitimize it, such as phrenology and personal belief.

Enjoy the degenerate mead. 

It’s yeast dna is sliced with jelly fish dna. That’s true.  

The sugar art is made from a designed sugar alcohol? Doesn’t spike insulin….. yaaaaaay bUt treats taste better with a little bit of guilt that’s why the meads made from the labor of those smaller then us. The big B&B 

Bees and bacteria obviously but you don’t think about that because your thinking about who you gunna get it in with at the opening or maybe your hungry and thinking about that instead which tbh is ur tummybiome being used to its habits. You should probably eat if your hungry bc if your stomach empty you’ll like the art less 

I heard a study was done, you probably heard it to. If you were to go before a judge before their lunch your more likely to get a harsher sentence than after they have eaten. 

I know started with this v. that and thats not really how ive been thinking about things but I’m writing this drunk. It matters what worlds world worlds. 

Shit I’m trying to talk to you. 

So basically what this is is a play I wrote that my friends acted out printed on some monothicic isomalt. Theres other stuff here to but 


A dead idea. 

Dakota Higgins

The Fall here is tender and makes me feel vaguely nostalgic. I grew up in Las Vegas, where the Fall is considerably different, mostly because there are far, far fewer trees there… I still take walks regularly. Perhaps the nostalgia I feel comes from a recognition that things look and feel different than they did when I got here. It was hot and green, now it’s cool and umber, and who knows when I’ll whiff another Virginian Summer, if ever? 

As the residency is reaching its final stretch, I find myself spending more time reading, looking at artists suggested to me in studio visits, and thinking about how I’ll carry the momentum I’ve built here forward when I move back home to Los Angeles. While I’ve made relatively few collages over the past couple weeks, I have made a number of quick glitter drawings that I feel are equal parts stupid and beautiful. For me, stupidity—especially in art—is rarely a bad thing; the stupid, awkward, goofy, inept, dumb, flat-footed, ham-fisted, and failed tend to register as particularly human.

Ethan Tate

There is something eerily dreamy about the contained space of a residency. The ebb and flow from bed to studio, back to bed and then back to studio. We enter this dream willingly but it is still jarring when it finally begins to recede. Finally, after two months, mine is receding and I’m preparing to depart Roanoke. Back to Los Angeles, back to work, back to the lovely moments of untetheredness that often felt absent here. Here at Alternative Worksite, things felt tied up and complete. I’m thankful for that and I’m thankful for all my time here, I’ll cherish it for years.

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