Brandon Sward

Discipline                              Writer / Non-fiction

Region                                  Chicago, IL / Los Angeles, CA / New York City, NY

Residency                             Fall 2018

Brandon Sward (b. 1988, Torrance, CA) is a writer and doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. His work has appeared in The Point, Flash Art, Hyperallergic, aqnb, and elsewhere. He is currently developing a collection entitled Why Art, which consists of first-person essays that attempt to capture processes of engaging with art in real time and, through encounters with text and biography, to make visible some of the social forces shaping our reality. Other projects address living with chronic pain, growing up Catholic, and how our parents influence the ways we think about love. These endeavors are united by an interest in moments when the personal and impersonal touch.

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